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Series: Galatians


Worship Through Galatians

VariousJuly 6, 2008
series: GalatiansGal 1-6download

See What Large Letters I Am Writing!

Milton VincentJune 29, 2008
series: GalatiansGalatians 6:11-17download

How to Be a Happy Reaper

Milton VincentJune 15, 2008
series: GalatiansGalatians 6:6-10download

Responding to Sin in Others, Part 2

Milton VincentJune 8, 2008
series: GalatiansGalatians 6:1-5download

Responding to Sin in Others

Milton VincentJune 1, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 6:1-2download

The effects of walking by the Spirit

Karlos LimtiacoMay 25, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 5:22download

Frightening Facts about the Flesh

Milton VincentMay 18, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 5:16-21, 24download

Defeating the Flesh by Walking in the Spirit

Milton VincentMay 4, 2008
series: GalatiansGalatians 5:16download

What to Do with Your Freedom

Milton VincentApril 27, 2008
series: GalatiansGalatians 5:1,13-16download

The Truth about False Teachers

Karlos LimtiacoApril 20, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 5:7-12download

A Call to Look

Milton VincentApril 6, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 5:2-6download

Listening to the Law

Milton VincentMarch 30, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 4:21 - 5:1download

Preventing a Trespass

Milton VincentMarch 2, 2008
series: GalatiansGalatians 4:11-20download

Truths that Will Keep Us from Turning Back

Milton VincentFebruary 24, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 4:1-11download

Our Coming of Age

Milton VincentFebruary 17, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 3:25 & ffdownload

Facts You Should Know About the Law

Milton VincentFebruary 3, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 3:19-24download

God's Faithfulness to His Promise

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 27, 2008
series: GalatiansGal 3:15-18download

From Cursed to Blessed

Milton VincentJanuary 20, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 3:10-14download

Blessed Children of Abraham

Milton VincentJanuary 13, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 3:6-9download

Gospel Thoughts that Christians must Think

Milton VincentJanuary 6, 2008
series: GalatiansGal 3:1-5download

Helping a Brother Back to the Gospel

Milton VincentNovember 25, 2007
series: GalatiansGal. 2:15-21download

The Danger Within

Milton VincentNovember 18, 2007
series: GalatiansGal. 2:11-14download

Validation for Paul’s Gospel to the Gentiles

Milton VincentNovember 11, 2007
series: GalatiansGal. 2:1-10download

Paul’s Defense

Karlos LimtiacoNovember 4, 2007
series: GalatiansGal. 1:11-24download

Subtraction by Addition

Mike BerryOctober 28, 2007
series: GalatiansGal. 1:6-9download

The Contribution of Christ to Our Salvation

Milton VincentOctober 21, 2007
series: Galatiansdownload

Resopnding to a Gospel Emergency

Milton VincentOctober 14, 2007
series: Galatiansdownload

The Anatomy of a Gospel Emergency

Milton VincentOctober 7, 2007
series: Galatiansdownload