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Speaker: Karlos Limtiaco


The Supernatural Christian Life, Part 2

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 1, 2018
series: The Supernatural Christian LifeColossians 3:1-4download

The Supernatural Christian Life, Part 1

Karlos LimtiacoApril 8, 2018
series: The Supernatural Christian LifeColossians 3:1-4download

God of All Comfort

Karlos LimtiacoFebruary 11, 2018
series: Other2 Corinthians 1:3-7download

Triumphs Through Trials

Karlos LimtiacoDecember 31, 2017
series: OtherActs 6download

A Powerful Ministry

Karlos LimtiacoSeptember 24, 2017
series: OtherColossians 1:28-29download

God's Sovereign Plan for the Future

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 13, 2017
series: Summer in the PsalmsPsalm 110download

A Father's Walk

Karlos LimtiacoJune 18, 2017
series: The Worthy WalkVarious Scripturesdownload

The Worthy Walk Described

Karlos LimtiacoApril 2, 2017
series: The Worthy WalkEphesians 4:1-3download

The Worthy Walk

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 1, 2017
series: The Worthy WalkEphesians 4:1-3download

I Lack Nothing

Karlos LimtiacoSeptember 25, 2016
series: OtherPsalm 23download

There Is a Redeemer

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 21, 2016
series: RuthRuth 4download

The Human Side of Providence

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 31, 2016
series: RuthRuth 3download

Not by Chance

Karlos LimtiacoJune 26, 2016
series: RuthRuth 2download

The Mysterious Mercy of Almighty God

Karlos LimtiacoFebruary 21, 2016
series: RuthRuth 1download

Bearing Fruit in Prayer

Karlos LimtiacoDecember 27, 2015
series: OtherMark 11:20-26download

Ministry Success

Karlos LimtiacoSeptember 20, 2015
series: Various Scripturesdownload

A Biblical Response to Sexual Sin

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 30, 2015
series: OtherI Cor 9:6–20download

Overcoming a Hardened Heart

Karlos LimtiacoMay 24, 2015
series: OtherMark 8:14-21download

Jesus Feeds 5000

Karlos LimtiacoFebruary 22, 2015
series: Variousdownload

God's Greatness in Creating the Earth

Karlos LimtiacoNovember 9, 2014
series: GenesisGenesis 1:6-13download

Stand Firm in the Lord

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 10, 2014
series: OtherPhilippians 4:1download

Praying with an Attitude

Karlos LimtiacoMay 4, 2014
series: OtherPhilippians 1:3-8download

Drawing Near to God

Karlos LimtiacoMarch 2, 2014
series: OtherHebrews 4:13-16download

Outreach in the Place of God's Provision

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 5, 2014
series: December 2013 SeminarSelected Scripturesdownload

A Passion for Proclamation

Karlos LimtiacoOctober 27, 2013
series: Other1 John 1:1-4download

The Path Toward Maturity

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 21, 2013
series: Other1 John 2:12-14download

Responding to Trials

Karlos LimtiacoApril 7, 2013
series: Other1 Peter 1:13-19download

The Joy of Togetherness

Karlos LimtiacoDecember 30, 2012
series: December 2012 SeminarSelected Scripturesdownload

The Peace of God

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 15, 2012
series: OtherPhil. 4:4-9download

The Ministry of Restoration

Karlos LimtiacoJune 3, 2012
series: OtherGalations 6:1-2download

The Necessity of Prayer

Karlos LimtiacoMarch 11, 2012
series: PrayerEphesians 1 & 3download

The Profile of a Thriving Church

Karlos LimtiacoSeptember 11, 2011
series: The ChurchActs 2:41-47download

The Truth About Great People

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 7, 2011
series: OtherMark 10:32-45download

A Recipe for Evangelistic Success

Karlos LimtiacoApril 10, 2011
series: Evangelism1 Thes. 2:1-2download

The Glory of God

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 23, 2011
series: Doctrine of Goddownload

What It Means to Be Dead to Sin

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 16, 2011
series: RomansRomans 6:2-7download


Karlos LimtiacoSeptember 12, 2010
series: Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 5:11-15 download

Standing Firm in the Midst of Trials

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 1, 2010
series: Perseverance of the Saints1 Peter 4:12 download

Necessary Spiritual Attitudes for the Church

Karlos LimtiacoMay 30, 2010
series: Perseverance of the Saints1 Peter 5:5b-11download

Gospel Centrality

Karlos LimtiacoFebruary 28, 2010
series: Otherdownload

Relational Conflict

Karlos LimtiacoNovember 15, 2009
series: OtherJames 4:1-10download

A Biblical Understanding of the Church

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 9, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:14-15download

Growing in Love for Jesus

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 2, 2009
series: OtherLuke 7:36-50download

Deacon Qualifications

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 26, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:8-10, 12-13download

Elder Qualifications: Above Reproach

Karlos LimtiacoApril 5, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:2-3download

The Call and Character of an Elder

Karlos LimtiacoMarch 22, 2009
series: Timothy1 Timothy 3:1-7, 10download

Motivated by the Gospel

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 25, 2009
series: Timothy1Timothy 2:5-7download

Paul's Verdict on False Teachers

Karlos LimtiacoOctober 19, 2008
series: Timothy1Timothy 1:6-7download

Biblical Truths Regarding Relationships

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 3, 2008
series: Otherdownload

The effects of walking by the Spirit

Karlos LimtiacoMay 25, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 5:22download

The Truth about False Teachers

Karlos LimtiacoApril 20, 2008
series: GalatiansGal. 5:7-12download

God's Faithfulness to His Promise

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 27, 2008
series: GalatiansGal 3:15-18download

Paul’s Defense

Karlos LimtiacoNovember 4, 2007
series: GalatiansGal. 1:11-24download

A practical Approach to Giving Counsel

Karlos LimtiacoSeptember 30, 2007
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

The Call of Paul to Mercy

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 5, 2007
series: A Call to Mercydownload

The Presence of Christ during Communion

Karlos LimtiacoJune 24, 2007
series: Selected Scripturesdownload

Isaiah Sees The Lord

Karlos LimtiacoApril 22, 2007
series: Otherdownload

What A Difference Forgiveness Makes

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 28, 2007
series: Otherdownload

The Power of Authentic Gospel Example & Instruction (December Seminar)

Karlos LimtiacoDecember 3, 2006
series: Otherdownload

A Passion for the Church

Karlos LimtiacoOctober 29, 2006
series: Otherdownload

A Passion For the Church: A 12 Step Program

Karlos LimtiacoOctober 29, 2006
series: Small GroupsSelected Scriptures

How Deep the Father's Love for Us, Part 2

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 13, 2006
series: Prodigal SonLuke 15

How Deep the Father's Love for Us, Part 1

Karlos LimtiacoAugust 5, 2006
series: Prodigal SonLuke 15

Heart Idolatry, Part 2

Karlos LimtiacoApril 30, 2006
series: IdolatrySelected Scriptures

Heart Idolatry, Part 1

Karlos LimtiacoApril 2, 2006
series: IdolatrySelected Scriptures

Responding to Difficulties

Karlos LimtiacoJanuary 29, 2006
series: TrialsJude 24-25

God's Design for Marriage, 3

Karlos LimtiacoDecember 18, 2005
series: Sunday School Sem.Selected

God's Design for Marriage, 1

Karlos LimtiacoDecember 4, 2005
series: Sunday School Sem.Selected

Walking in Pride

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 17, 2005
series: Humility/PrideSelected

The Blessed BBQ

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 25, 2004

To What Extent Will You Go

Karlos LimtiacoJuly 18, 2004