At Cornerstone, we are passionate about outreach that embodies the gospel in both word and deed at every level of our church family. Our vision for outreach includes ministering to the individual, the family, our Care Groups, our church family, and the community.  

Individual Outreach

Our desire is that every individual at Cornerstone would be passionately putting the gospel on display by daily speaking it and living it out. We know that this is only possible when individuals are constantly preaching the gospel to themselves and allowing it to overflow out of them. When we are consumed with Jesus Christ and His Gospel, then we will find ourselves thinking about it, sharing it, and living it.

The following two articles are helpful for personal outreach.

Family Outreach

Our vision for outreach includes a vision for family outreach. Our desire is that every household would together serve as a picture of the beauty and power of the Gospel. We see hospitality as a key way to connect with people and bless them in word and deed. Hospitality allows a family to invite unsaved family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to experience a home where relationships and individuals are consumed with Jesus Christ. Our desire is not only for families to invite unbelievers into the home but as a family to go out and engage in reaching and ministering to the community. As a family, we have the potential to reach other families who don't know Christ.  

Care Group Outreach

Our desire for each of our Care Groups is that they would see themselves as an extension and ambassadors for Christ and Cornerstone. We want to encourage the members of each Care Group to invite individuals and families to experience the gospel through Care Groups. Often, it is in the more relaxed setting of Care Group that unbelievers can come face to face with Christ and the message of the gospel as they see it lived out in the members of the group.  

Church-Wide Outreach

As part of our vision, we seek to participate in strategic outreach events that bring unbelievers into an experience of the gospel. We do this through occasional evangelistic services, key outreach events like public preaching and ongoing ministries like our food pantry and Agape Team ministry. We also see our ongoing ministry to and through our missionaries as a way that Cornerstone is able to engage in global outreach. Some outreach methods we have used include mass mailers, door to door evangelism, and having books like "The Case for Easter" available to our congregation. Outreach events include events like our our Apologetics Conference and the Festival of Treats.

Community Outreach

We extend the front porch of our church, reach out to our community and extended neighborhoods, and to the surrounding cities with a warm meal and the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry brings food to the body and the soul so that the burdened and the hopeless join with us in the journey from brokenness to wholeness through the power of the Gospel.