Women's Discipleship Ministry

Our Vision

CFBC Women’s Discipleship Ministry supports Cornerstone’s vision of journeying with people from brokenness to wholeness through the gospel. This journey involves biblical action in growing obedience to the Great Commission (making disciples; Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (loving God and loving others; Matthew 22:37-40). Women’s Discipleship Ministry seeks to make disciples by:

  1. Pointing women to salvation in Christ as we share the gospel during the normal course of intentional relationships
  2. Building women up in their faith and Christ-likeness as learners and followers of Christ Himself, and
  3. Equipping women to follow Christ fully and specifically, through serving others. Particularly, we focus on loving and serving others according to the Titus 2:4-5 passage which includes our method of equipping (whereby the older women train and teach the younger women).

Because the Great Commission is for all believers, making disciples is a mandated mutual ministry. Therefore, this ministry seeks to equip all the women at CFBC no matter how new or how seasoned they are in the faith. Additionally, we recognize that women are in different seasons of life which carry a variety of demands upon their lives and the hours of their day. With this in mind, please prayerfully look through the menu of offerings below to see how this ministry can equip you and encourage you both as a disciple and as a discipler for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.

Discipleship Experiences

The Cornerstone Women’s Ministry is currently refining and expanding so please return to this page regularly to see the updated offerings. 

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Philosphy of Discipleship Ministry and Methodology

Being Discipled
For Growth as a follower and learner of Christ you may consider being disciples through these experiences

  • One on One Discipleship
  • Small Group Discipleship

Being Trained as a Discipler
For training in how to develop as a discipler you may consider participating in one or more of the following options.

  • Training classes in a small group setting
  • Periodic Training Seminars
  • Training resources and individual training support