Our Values

"They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" (Acts 2:42).

Cornerstone seeks to practice the values of the early church. In our times of corporate gathering, whether on Sunday morning or in our Care Groups, we desire to focus on the four values of Acts 2:42.  

The Apostles' Teaching

The Apostles' Teaching was the inspired Word of God that was being taught to the early church. It included both the Old Testament which the Apostles affirmed, explained, and applied as well as the New Testament revelation that they were directly receiving. Today at Cornerstone, we seek to study, understand, and apply the Word of God in our Sunday service, Care Groups, and our homes.  


The word "fellowship" denotes close relationships. Fellowship was not simply believers "getting together." It came to mean any kind of ministry where we exchange, celebrate, and nurture what we already have in common in Jesus Christ. Today at Cornerstone, we desire to create opportunities for true fellowship among believers where God is glorified, relationships are strengthened, and individuals are edified and encouraged in the truth of the gospel.

The Breaking of Bread

In the original language the phrase is actually "the breaking of THE bread," and signified the celebration of the Lord's Supper or Communion. The early church remained committed to obediently observe and celebrate the Lord's death through the ordinance of Communion. Today at Cornerstone, we seek to keep the Lord's death before us by remembering His death on the cross and celebrating the power and hope of the gospel through Communion. Whether once a month in our Sunday Service or each week in our Care Groups, we come face to face with the power of the cross as we participate in the breaking of the bread.


The early church was devoted to prayer and not simply as individuals but corporately as the church. They recognized the importance of time spent worshiping, praising, and petitioning God by coming into His presence as a body in prayer. Today at Cornerstone, we seek to keep prayer a vital part of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus, we devote a portion of our time each week in our Care Groups to the practice and privilege of corporate prayer. Additionally, we seek to reserve special Sundays for times of corporate praise, thanksgiving, and prayer.