Our Mission

We exist to glorify God by:

  • Experiencing the gospel in all of its fullness
  • Exalting the Lord through worship
  • Edifying the saints through mutual ministry
  • Evangelizing the world through outreach

Experiencing the Gospel in all of its Fullness

God did not give us the gospel of Christ just so we could embrace it and be converted. Every day He commends His gospel to us as a primary means by which we experience spiritual transformation and abundance in Christ (Acts 20:32). At Cornerstone, our hearts leap at the biblical description of the gospel as "the power of God," (Romans 1:18), a description which indicates that the gospel is the ultimate entity in which God's power resides and does its greatest work. We experience the transforming power of the gospel by daily preaching gospel truth to ourselves in the power of the Spirit, deliberately walking in the good of the gospel each day, and by rejoicing in and re-enacting gospel truth at every opportunity. Being constantly nourished on the words of the gospel (which means 'good news'!), we experience the truth of Solomon's assertion that "good news puts fat on the bones" (Prov. 15:30). 

Exalting the Lord through Worship

Given the fact that God elected us so that we would be "before Him" in worship (Eph. 1:4), we reach the apex of God's saving purposes when we worship Him in a manner that is saturated with and energized by gospel truth. When worshiping God in such a manner, we savor the pleasure of God in our worship and we also experience the transforming effect that such worship has upon us. At Cornerstone we have found the gospel to be our daily song, a song that pleasures and rearranges our hearts while we sing it!

Edifying the Saints through Mutual Ministry

God deposits sizeable portions of our gospel inheritance inside of our fellow-saints. Hence, we cherish every brother and sister in Christ as a portion of our gospel inheritance (this includes brothers and sisters from other churches!). God has given us as gifts to each other, and it is only in relationship with one another that we experience the fullness of God in Christ. Believing that the gospel is God's ultimate tool for edification, we seek to edify one another primarily through "gospel impartation", and we accomplish this impartation not merely by speaking gospel words to each other, but also by living before and relating to each other in a gospel manner.

Evangelizing the World through Outreach

God has called us to evangelize (preach the gospel to) the lost, and we obey this calling by preaching to a sin-laden world the message of God's saving grace through Christ. Our approach to evangelism is simple: infusing the gospel into our lives with the aid of the Spirit, we seek opportunities to give our gospel-laden lives away to others. We ask God to help us to be a living embodiment of gospel grace and truth to others, so that we might thereby impart the gospel to them through word and deed. As for the words we speak, we preach the stunning good news of salvation for hell-deserving sinners through the Person and work of Christ.

And, then, once a person believes on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, we do not stop evangelizing them! Just as Paul was "eager to preach the gospel to" the Christians who were "at Rome" (Romans 1:15), we are eager to do the same to the Christians at Cornerstone. The gospel is big, bigger than most realize; and the good news of the gospel goes far beyond simply getting one's sins forgiven through faith in Christ. We observe that many Christians in the church are "under-evangelized";  and our passion is to bring Christians into a fuller understanding and functionality in the gospel. Our goal for every member of Cornerstone is that they "be always evangelizing, and always being evangelized." 

So, if you become a part of the Cornerstone family, be prepared; we will evangelize you until you leave or stop breathing, whichever comes first.